Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spring Clean Up

Yesterday, we got a chance to go up to camp to do some mowing and clean up. It was a beautiful two days weather-wise. Last night was a beautiful full-moon which lit up the entire forest. We mowed the grass, and fixed up a few things around the camp. The grass was very high and everything looks very green in the mountains. However, the streams are extremely low. We never remembered the streams running this low 20-30 years ago. However as we were talking, we realized that there is a lot more vegetation in the woods than there was 30 years ago. That could be the reason for the lack of water in the streams. Last evening, we took a drive down to Cedar Run for some ice cream. We saw several deer on the way back to camp. A potent storm must have come through in the past week as we had another tree come down behind the cabin and noticed many others down while driving around. Any chance to get to visit the Tioga woods is welcome change to the daily grind. This trip was no exception. The time always goes too fast when were at Camp. We hope to get back soon!