Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rainy Day at Camp

This past week, I had a rare day off work. I was going to travel up to camp for a day of Spring Gobbler hunting and trout fishing. However, the weatherman was calling for steady rain the entire time and his prediction proved to be true. When I got home from work, I decided to ask my 3 year-old son if he wanted to go up to the cabin with me. He was so excited, he was practically packing his stuff before the words were off my lips. We left home around 7 pm and drove straight up to camp. As the weatherman promised, it rained hard all night and all the next day. We spent most of the time inside the cabin playing games and telling stories, but it was a great day together. Our first father-son overnight trip to the mountains. There was one 20 minute long break in the rain which was long enough for me to cut up the downed trees (got a new spark plug for the chainsaw). However, the torrential rain prevented me from getting the grass cut. Oh well, that gives me another "excuse" to have to go back to camp again soon. This was one trip that I was glad that I left the gun and fishing rod at home. A lot of memories were made on this trip.

Spring Trip

We took our annual Spring camping trip to Petticote Junction Campground the last weekend in April. I had the opportunity to visit camp on April 24. Everything seemed to be fine after the exceptionally hard winter. The snow brought a few trees down. However, everything else seemed just fine. The porcupines are still chewing all of the wooden edges of our cabin and deck. They seem to be working on all the cabins in the area. I wish we had a solution for that problem. I took my chainsaw with me to cut up some of the downed trees, however, I couldn't get it started. My wife, kids, and I took a nice afternoon hike. As we were approaching a clearing in the woods, we walked right up on a nice mature gobbler that was strutting out in the opening. He saw us and didn't hang around long, but it was quite a treat to see. We saw a few other hen turkeys while driving in the truck. We saw a surprising amount of deer sign and bear and turkey sign were just about everywhere. After we enjoyed our picnic lunch, we headed back to the campground. That evening, we enjoyed a nice meal at the Cedar Run Inn to celebrate my wife's birthday. The food was delicious as always. On Sunday, we headed back home. It was great to get away to the mountains for a few days.